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Struggling To Build A Mailing List?
How about if everyone in your mailing list builds your mailing list for you?

With Our Viral Mailing List Script this is exactly what happens!

Imagine if you refer 3 people to your mailing list, who in turn refer 3 people each - and so on.

Our Viral Mailing list builds your list down to a staggering 10 levels!
The table on the right shows what your list could look like in no time!

With little effort, you could have a mailing list of a staggering 265719 members!
And the way the system is built, you will receive a limited number of return emails a week!

Level Members
1 3
2 9
3 81
4 243
5 729
6 2187
7 6561
8 19683
9 59049
10 177147
TOTAL 265719

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